“Four years have passed since the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, but the wounds have not yet healed among the victims, their families, and the public at large. The truth has not been revealed due to those who continue to hide and conceal our efforts to get closer to the root cause of the incident. The world we have been looking forward to creating – a secure, danger-free society for our children – still seems far away. Although many often say “It is time now to make a revolutionarily safe space,” establishing a more safety-conscious society remains difficult.

We say that spring has arrived in Korea due to the Candlelight Revolution, which has its roots in Gwanghwamun, and was sparked by the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. There are still wounds in our hearts caused by the division of the peninsula, but it seems as though this pain will be remediated by the ongoing peace talks. Now is the time for us to start anew, following the wishes of families of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy victims and the support of all people of Korea. The 4.16 Foundation will endeavor to spread the truth and lessons we have learned from the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, thus building a society where future such incidences do not occur, and where everyone’s safety and human dignity are guaranteed.

We are deeply thankful for all contributions from the general public, and would like to sincerely request continued trust in and support for the 4.16 Foundation.”

September 2018,

Jung-heon Kim

Chief Director of 4.16 Foundation,