Life and Safety Park

Introduction to Life and Safety Park

The 4.16 Life and Safety Park was built to commemorate the 304 victims who could not be rescued by the nation and its marine salvage system after the sinking of the Sewol Ferry on April 16th, 2014.

4.16 Memorial and Sanctuary

It is a place to cherish the memory of the victims of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Remembering the lessons we have gained from the tragedy, our society must put forth effort to protect our people. This memorial space will be the worldwide center for reminding ourselves of the value of human lives and safety.

What is the truth? And what is a safe society? Visitors will find answers to these questions and gain motivation to change our society.

Cultural Space

The 4.16 Life and Safety Park is not for a memorial and sanctuary only. As the families of the victims wished, it aims to be a friendly place for anyone who wishes to take some time and relax. It will be a heritage to our future generations, where visitors can remember, reflect, and learn while receiving comfort.

The 4.16 Life and Safety Park will be a place where families and people of every generation can gather to relax, communicate, and celebrate.