Our Projects

Remember the 4.16 Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Remember, and support revelation of the truth of the day.

The 4.16 Foundation remembers 304 victims who became martyrs. We will be on the side of active citizens to remember the day and prevent our pledge from becoming clouded.

– Memorial and Remembrance Project

– Memorial Facility Operation

– 4.16 Record Preservation and Exhibition Project

– Truth Commission Support Project


We support a safe society where all lives are respected.

The 4.16 Foundation will walk toward a society where our daily lives are protected. We propose projects and changes in the systems while supporting related projects to build a society where all lives are respected.

– Education projects for the spread of safe society culture

– Improvement projects for laws, regulations, and systems for a safer society

– Support projects for investigations and research activities regarding a safer society

– Projects in partnership towards the goal of a safer society


We support creating a community together.

We put all our effort into support and care for those who suffered from disasters and accidents. We put our hands to the victims and the communities to recover by offering various education and training programs.

– Support and capacity-building projects to promote a greater culture of safety in society

– Support projects to recover the sense of community in affected regions

– Support projects for civil growth activities

– Development & support projects for cultural contents


We support creating a community together.

Remembering the Sewol Ferry Tragedy, the 4.16 Foundation supports children and youth who are trying to live their best lives.

– Projects to promote the human rights of children and youth

– Support projects to encourage the dreams and growth of younger generations

– Support projects for youth activities for a safer society

– Education projects for youth affected by the incident