The year 2021 is fourth year since 4·16 foundation was established. Over the past three years we tried to remember the lesson of the Sewol Ferry Disaster and conducted various projects to make a society were life and safety is respected. Although seven years has passed since the Sewol Ferry Disaster truth-finding work remains in veil because of groups who continue to conceal the truth. Since the truth finding activity is still an ongoing issue supporting bereaved families, remembering the victims, establishing a society where life and safety is respected is not easy. However we will try our best to overcome these difficulties to make a society where disaster such as the Sewol Ferry Disaster will never happen again.

Our foundation is facing several hard issues which we must solve. First transparent truth-finding actives. Second finding the meaning and lessons of the Sewol Ferry Disaster. Third remembering and healing the memories of past disasters. Fourth construction of the Life and Safety Park. Fifth supporting bereaved families and victims of disaster. Sixth promotion of life and safety movement. As you can see these issues are very difficult to solve. But if we can get your support like in 2014 our foundation will gain strength and will make a safe society were all life is respected with dignity.

September 2021,

Kwangjun Kim,

Chief Director of 4.16 Foundation,